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Apartment Set Up

We set up all furnishing in your apartment including couches, chairs, table, desk, etc. this allows you to be able immediately rest in your bed or have working internet to talk your family so they know you are safe. We go above and beyond for our member to make sure every room is furnished in the most comfortable way.


Our monthly newsletter includes topics such as great places to eat in Bloomington Indiana, and popular monthly travel destinations for weekend or vacations to name a few. During school breaks we add sections about the cheapest time to buy tickets for popular destinations such as Mainland China, Hong Kong, India and more.  

On-Call Concierge

Don’t have a car? Don’t have time to pick up your items from the store? or Hate talking on the phone? Let us handle that for you! Examples: “I need more bath soap” or “I help need to book a room for my family when they visit.” Submit a request and our team gets right to work to fulfill your request. The service fee gets added to your next monthly statement.

Coming Soon

Here’s are some additional package’s we will be adding soon!

Health/Car/Renter’s Insurance: Finding Insurance can be very complicated and even mandatory if you are an International Student.  We will begin adding this package to make sure are members get the best deals and coverage.

Finding a Car: We are working with car dealerships to create packages help our members find a car that’s fit our members style and budget.